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Compensation Programs and Practices

For many employers, creating successful pay programs is an ongoing challenge.

Are you paying your people at the appropriate levels for what they do, what they know and the impact they make to the organization? Are your compensation practices consistent? Do they measure up to the market, while at the same time support internal equity? Is your pay supporting your evolving business environment and ongoing job changes?

A company compensation program based upon a sound pay philosophy, current trends and best practices will not only help you attract and retain talented employees, but will also help drive employee engagement. From formulating your compensation strategy to developing a comprehensive compensation program and everything in between, HR Hotline Associates can help. Identifying sound compensation solutions that reflect best practices and align with current or anticipated trends will go a long way in attracting, retaining, motivating and engaging your workforce.

HR Hotline Associates Compensation Services

Compensation Philosophy

Every sound employee compensation plan and program is grounded in a purposeful and clearly articulated compensation philosophy. We can help facilitate the development of your compensation philosophy based on four key elements that will establish the foundation upon which all your programs and practices will be built and advanced.

Employee Compensation Tools & Practices

Make it easier for your managers to make employee pay decisions. We provide a variety of tools and introduce/develop different processes that help managers identify the most appropriate pay per situation, while following acceptable practices.

Job Descriptions

How well are your jobs defined or expectations communicated to your employees?

Job Descriptions are one of the more important documents in your organization. Our consultants have experience developing descriptions for a wide variety of jobs in multiple industries. If you prefer to develop your own job descriptions, we also offer a variety of samples as an additional resource.

Market and Internal Salary Analysis

How do you know your organization is paying wages that are competitive or within acceptable pay parameters? How do you know your wages are promoting fairness and internal equity?

HR Hotline Associates has experts who will conduct all levels of salary analysis, recommending targeted pay for each individual in each job or pay ranges for groups of jobs.

Salary Ranges

Salary ranges are a management tool providing guidance on pay decisions regarding job offers, promotions, raises, salary adjustments and other situations involving pay. We can develop salary ranges for each job in your company or develop salary ranges for groups of jobs based on internal hierarchy.

Compensation Procedures & Manuals

HR Hotline Associates will develop a compensation program manual for your company outlining practices, processes, and policies, so they may be referenced in one place. This helps HR and managers adequately and consistently address compensation matters in a variety of situations.

Job Evaluation Systems

All jobs have a level of internal value based on a range of factors. Appropriate job level and salary positioning is dependent on your job evaluation system. Different approaches to job evaluation prevail, and HR Hotline Associates will work with you to develop the job evaluation system that best aligns with your organization and compensation philosophy.

If you already have a job evaluation system in place, we can review your system to ensure alignment with best practices and consistent application. For ongoing job evaluations, we will also act as an independent, objective third party and will evaluate your jobs as needed, recommending appropriate grade level assignment.

Career Paths/ Job Ladder

Do you have ways for your employees to grow, develop and advance in your organization? Do your employees feel there is room to grow or do they feel stifled? Are you losing good employees to other organizations so they may continue to progress in their careers?

Career Paths and Job Ladders are two methods by which employees may develop and advance in their discipline or organization without having to go elsewhere. Our team at HR Hotline Associates can help you design, develop and implement career paths and ladders to provide your employees with enhanced opportunities. We can also help you formulate your employee communication strategies plus develop materials for staff and management.

Compensation Training

It’s not enough to develop employee compensation programs and best practices — managers need to understand how programs work and why certain practices are being employed. Our training does all that; enabling managers to make better compensation decisions and effectively communicate with employees.

Compensation Consultation

We provide ongoing consultation to assist you in making effective pay decisions and salary actions in a variety of situations, including those requiring immediate attention.

2020/2021 Salary Budget Survey Report

This is HR HOTLINE ASSOCIATES annual salary budget survey covering the Greater Des Moines Metropolitan area and the state of Iowa. The survey results provide projected salary budget increase averages for 2021 while providing actual average increases for 2020.

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