Employee Engagement Matters

Organizations are discovering that employee engagement directly correlates with individual performance and organization results.


Engagement Analysis

In a Gallup study on engagement, results showed that organizations ranking in the top-quartile realized the below advantages over those in the bottom-quartile:


Higher Productivity


Higher Profitability


Lower Turnover in Low Retention Organizations


Lower Turnover in High Retention Organizations

Those organizations with high employee engagement experienced lower absenteeism, less shrinkage/theft, fewer safety incidents, fewer quality issues and greater customer satisfaction.

Employee Engagement Surveys

We at HR Hotline Associates have developed our own employee survey that will help measure your workforce climate and employee engagement levels. We administer the survey and present our findings, highlighting key results.

Conduct Employee Engagement Focus Groups

We facilitate onsite employee focus groups as a 2nd step to the employee survey. Focus groups help us to drill down further into the survey results, better defining the issues and the reasons behind the issues, assisting us in formulating effective solutions. We also facilitate focus groups as a stand-alone initiative to gather employee perspectives on specific issues in which you are interested or would like additional information.

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